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Stories From Our Readers....

Iris (McKinney) Gray, Class of 1947:

“When I attended Illinois State Normal University in the mid-forties, I could stand on the steps of the south entrance to Old Main and view a virtual Midway, unobstructed, between the campuses of Illinois State Normal and Illinois Wesleyan, the latter institution established in 1850, just seven years before ISNU/ISU.”

John Hinds, Class of 1959:

“As a biology student and worker in the science department in my senior year, 1959, we had to dispose of a number of fetal pigs. We asked the science department chairperson, Dr. Rilett, what we should do with the fetal pigs. With a hearty laugh, he said we should take the pigs out and bury them in the ground where Old Main had been torn down. As it turned out,it ended up to be the spot where the monument to Old Main was installed that the fetal pigs were laid to rest.”

Elizabeth (Beth Oberg) Prielipp, Class of 1962:

“I was a freshman in the Fall of 1958 and was devastated to find that the wonderful building, Old Main, had been demolished. [I took] my entrance exams there the previous Spring. What has happened to "The Dome"? We used it as a symbol in letters to the editor in the campaign to remove "Normal" from the university's name so we would no longer beconsidered in D.C. as a two-year teachers college.”


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Tell Us Your Story

If you would like to be interviewed about your experiences in Old Main, or have memorabilia related to Old Main that you would like to contribute to the Project, call Dr. Hunter at (309) 438-8668 or contact us at


Internship Program for ISU Students

Each semester we will have one or more interns working with the Old Main Project. They will assist Drs. Skibo and Hunter in the collection of data related to the archaeology or oral history component of the project. If you are interested in becoming an intern, or completing an Independent Study course related to Old Main, please contact us at:


Old Main Project
Normal, Il 61790-4660
Phone: (309) 438-8668

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