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ryder current ryder yearbook
Dr. Mary Ryder  
naffziger current naffziger yearbook Audrey (Brust) Naffziger
Student 1942-1949
Date of Interview: 09/08/2009
deany current deany yearbook Edith (Clouse) Carlson-Deany
Student 1940-1942
Date of Interview: 09/10/2009
Not Pictured chesebro yearbook Nina Chesebro
Student 1933-1935
Date of Interview: 11/03/2009
Note: Nina Cheseboro passed away on Sunday Nov. 7th, 2010. Her obituary appeared in the Pantagraph.
Not Pictured Not Pictured Warren Harden
Faculty/Administration 1954-1991
Date of Interview: 09/10/2009
maurers current robert maurer yearbook Robert Maurer
Student 1933-1937
Date of Interview: 11/10/2009
Note: Robert Maurer passed away on Friday, January 7th, 2011. His obituary appeared in the Pantagraph.
See above verda maurer yearbook Verda (Stahly) Maurer
Student 1934-1938
Date of Interview: 11/10/2009
hendrix current hendrix yearbook Ellen (Petty) Hendrix
Student 1934-1939
Date of Interview: 09/24/2009
pohlman current Not Pictured Vernon Pohlman
Faculty/Administration 1955-1985
Date of Interview: 09/01/2009
rozum current Not Pictured Mary Rozum
Date of Interview: 10/20/2009
Not Pictured Not Pictured Erma Satorius
Student 1938-1940
Date of Interview: 10/16/2009
dolly current dolly yearbook Mary “Dolly” (Vance) Secord
Student 1937-1940
Date of Interview: 10/23/2009
Note: Mary "Dolly" Secord passed away on Wednesday, August 24, 2011. Her obituary appeared in the Pantagraph.
smith current 1937_index_esmith Elizabeth M. (Frey) Smith
Student 1937-1939
Date of Interview: 09/22/2009
mcdonnell current mcdonnell yearbook Paulina (Snopko) McDonnell
Student 1935-1939
Date of Interview: 10/01/2009
Not Pictured thompson yearbook Raymond Thompson
Student 1935-1939
Date of Interview: 10/08/2009
Not Pictured Not Pictured Robert Walsh
Faculty/Administration 1958-1996
Date of Interview: 08/25/2009
J. Russell Steele J. Russell Steele J. Russell Steele
Student 1939-1946
Faculty 1947-1981
Date of Interview: 11/4/2011
Ruth Williams Ruth Williams Ruth Williams
Student 1941-1943
Date of Interview: 11/16/2011


This research was conducted in full compliance with guidelines established through ISU's Institutional Review Board and approved under protocol #2009-0297.

Historic pictures of the individuals at left were taken from the Index, the university's annual yearbook.


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